Sunday, January 7, 2007

Who is Brian Tracy?

Sales = Income came across very strongly during a course that focused on selling, not just techniques but how to set goals and to write down the reasons why people would buy from us. Interesting! It was during this course that I got to know who is the world's best salesman, and who's who in the success coaching arena.

I became more aware that such people exist.

One of my friends told me that Brian Tracy is the author of the book “The Psychology of Selling”. He is also the world’s #1 producer of audio learning programs and the leading authority on the development of human potential and business success. In addition, he has 3o years of experience building and managing 22 successful businesses and consulting for over 500 corporations. Wow! His materials have been translated in 14 different languages and are used in 20 countries.

I hope to learn more from him.

Find out what I learnt from Brian Tracy!

To our success in life,
Peck Ling